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Laboratory of Aquatic Ecosystems And Management (EcosystemLab)

Aquatic ecosystems cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface and provide a wide range of provision resources including water, food, medical and energy for the human populations. In addition, they support  ecosystem regulatory services such as erosion control, dampening of flood and drought impacts, uninterrupted nutrient and hydrological cycles as well as safeguard ecological resilience. However,  aquatic ecosystems are currently facing serious challenges from the effects of anthropogenic activities (pollution and excess exploitation) and climate change that are causing degradation to biodiversity and natural resource productivity. The Laboratory of Aquatic Ecosystems and Management was established to develop comprehensive and integrated management  strategies to ensure continuous supply of ecosystem resources and services. The latest approaches and advanced technologies such as aquainformatics, geographic information systems (GIS), sonar systems, remote sensing as well as computer modeling and simulation will be used for the conservation and sustainable use of  of aquatic ecosystems.

Updated:: 07/12/2020 [nsyahirah]