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1 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Ismail N.A.H., Aris A.Z., Wee S.Y., Nasir H.M., Razak M.R., Kamarulzaman N.H., Omar T.F.T. Occurrence and distribution of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in mariculture fish and the human health implications Food Chemistry Article 345 2021 Top 10%
2 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Omar T.F.T., Aris A.Z., Yusoff F.M. Multiclass analysis of emerging organic contaminants in tropical marine biota using improved QuEChERS extraction followed by LC MS/MS Microchemical Journal Article 164 2021 Q1
3 NOR ROHAIZAH BINTI JAMIL Hairan M.H., Jamil N.R., Looi L.J., Amal Azmai M.N. The assessment of environmental flow status in Southeast Asian Rivers: A review Journal of Cleaner Production Article 295 2021 Top 10%
4 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Razak M.R., Aris A.Z., Zakaria N.A.C., Wee S.Y., Ismail N.A.H. Accumulation and risk assessment of heavy metals employing species sensitivity distributions in Linggi River, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Article 211 2021 Q1
5 NOR ROHAIZAH BINTI JAMIL Camara M., Jamil N.R., Abdullah A.F., Hashim R. Analysis of time-space varying relationship between land use and water quality in a tropical watershed Arabian Journal of Geosciences Article 14 2021 Q4
6 AIMRUN WAYAYOK Nasidi N.M., Wayayok A., Abdullah A.F., Mohd Kassim M.S. Dynamics of potential precipitation under climate change scenarios at Cameron highlands, Malaysia SN Applied Sciences Article 3 2021 Scopus
7 NOR ROHAIZAH BINTI JAMIL Shehab Z.N., Jamil N.R., Aris A.Z., Shafie N.S. Spatial variation impact of landscape patterns and land use on water quality across an urbanized watershed in Bentong, Malaysia Ecological Indicators Review 122 2021 Q1
8 SYAIZWAN ZAHMIR BIN ZULKIFLI Ibrahim M.A., Zulkifli S.Z., Azmai M.N.A., Mohamat‐yusuff F., Ismail A. Reproductive toxicity of 3,4‐dichloroaniline (3,4‐dca) on javanese medaka (oryzias javanicus, bleeker 1854) Animals Article 11 2021 Top 10%
9 AIMRUN WAYAYOK E. Al-Esawi J.S., Wayayok A., Al-Ogaidi A.A.M., Rowshon M.K., Fikri Abdullah A., Abdullahi S. Effect of Soil Compaction and Palm Oil Application on Soil Infiltration Rate Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering Article 147 2021 Q3
10 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Wee S.Y., Aris A.Z., Yusoff F.M., Praveena S.M. Tap water contamination: Multiclass endocrine disrupting compounds in different housing types in an urban settlement Chemosphere Review 264 2021 Q1
11 MUTA HARAH BINTI ZAKARIA @ YA Bujang J.S., Zakaria M.H., Ramaiya S.D. Chemical constituents and phytochemical properties of floral maize pollen PLoS ONE Article 16 2021 Q2
12 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Looi L.J., Aris A.Z., Isa N.M., Yusoff F.M., Haris H. Elemental Composition and Health Risk Assessment of Giant Mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri) From the Intertidal Zone of the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia Frontiers in Marine Science Article 7 2021 Top 10%
13 MUTA HARAH BINTI ZAKARIA @ YA Syed F.N.N., Zakaria M.H., Bujang J.S., Christianus A. Characterization, Functional Properties, and Resistant Starch of Freshwater Macrophytes International Journal of Food Science Review 2021 2021 Scopus
14 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Zaki M.R.M., Zaid S.H.M., Zainuddin A.H., Aris A.Z. Microplastic pollution in tropical estuary gastropods: Abundance, distribution and potential sources of Klang River estuary, Malaysia Marine Pollution Bulletin Article 162 2021 Top 10%
15 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Zaki M.R.M., Ying P.X., Zainuddin A.H., Razak M.R., Aris A.Z. Occurrence, abundance, and distribution of microplastics pollution: an evidence in surface tropical water of Klang River estuary, Malaysia Environmental Geochemistry and Health Article   2021 Q1
16 FERDIUS @ FERDAUS BINTI MOHAMAT YUSUFF Joni A.A.M., Mohamat-Yusuff F., Noor N.A.M., Mohamed K.N., Ash'aari Z.H., Kusin F.M., Zulkeflee Z., Zulkifli S.Z., Ismail A., Arshad A. Baseline distribution and sources of selected agricultural runoff in the bottom water of an active cockle farming area, Bagan Pasir, Perak, Malaysia Marine Pollution Bulletin Article 167 2021 Top 10%
17 AHMAD ZAHARIN BIN ARIS Nasir H.M., Aris A.Z., Abdullah L.C., Ismail I. Facile fabrication and characterization of kenaf core as natural biochar for the highly efficient removal of selected endocrine-disrupting compounds Environmental Geochemistry and Health Article   2021 Q1
18 NOR ROHAIZAH BINTI JAMIL Hairan M.H., Jamil N.R., Azmai M.N.A., Looi L.J., Camara M. Environmental flow assessment of a tropical river system using hydrological index methods Water (Switzerland) Article 13 2021 Q2
19 MUTA HARAH BINTI ZAKARIA @ YA Sudo K., Quiros T.E.A.L., Prathep A., Luong C.V., Lin H.-J., Bujang J.S., Ooi J.L.S., Fortes M.D., Zakaria M.H., Yaakub S.M., Tan Y.M., Huang X., Nakaoka M. Distribution, Temporal Change, and Conservation Status of Tropical Seagrass Beds in Southeast Asia: 2000–2020 Frontiers in Marine Science Article 8 2021 T10

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